Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to work Monday!!

Boy it is hard to get back into the swing of work after being on vacation. Of course Marsha came through about an hour after I got there and asked if I felt as though I had never been gone??!! Of course I replied yes!!! Anyway I'm still on a vacation high with my pictures. My friend Colette asked where we went and were the beaches really that beautiful (looking at the picture of my darling husband doing his favorite thing on vacation....sleeping!) We went to Pensacola Beach, Florida and it was truly beautiful. The beaches were so white and clean the the water was beautiful the only bad thing was lots of jelly fish. Pensacola Beach is an island unto itself and is truly beautiful. We stayed in friends condo on the 12th floor and the view was to die for. Well its almost bedtime for me so until later......

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Award

I must share my award that my friend MichelleO gave me. I was so thrilled when I was surfing my usual blogs and there was a very sweet note and blog award...I love her blog and read it everyday that I can. It is on my links so check it out. She does the most awesome work. Thanks again MichelleO....

I'm Back

Well vacations are wonderful but as I told my friend MichelleO next year my laptop is going with me...I know I'm sick but I miss my blogs and my scrapbooking buddies...We had a wonderful time and enjoyed Bailey and Beau a ton. (you too Michelle and Bubba!!) The weather was beautiful even though Dolly was kickin' up in the gulf..we were just in the right place on the gulf!! I have printed off a few pics and hope to get some scrappin' done this week and post a couple but I'm gonna be adding a few pics everyday from vacation..I have also started Mama a small heritage album from one of my Scrapbook Obsession add ons and will post a bit of it. Until later....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

WhoooHooo one more day!!!!

I told "my girls" on SO board today that I was sure they could tell I needed a vacation...I just could not get my motor going tonight to do anything, so I finished a couple of layouts that I want to share. They are of 3 of my grandsons playing spring/summer ball. One was a challenge on another board to see how many elements we could get on a page. That was a fun challenge. The other is Ben and Zach and on it I was just trying a couple of things out that I got in my last Scrapbook Obsessions kit. Well I must get ready for bed until later.....

Monday, July 14, 2008

Balance of pics for acrylic album

Here are a couple of the last pages of the acrylic album that I didn't have room on the other blog post and since my last mess up on my blog I don't dare try to resize or regroup anything!!!! LOL

4 days and Counting

Okay vacation countdown and yes Colette I would love for you to count down with me...Vacations time is so precious there are never enough days!!! I am going to upload my acrylic album today and I have a ton of mistakes on it. I was really unsure of the adhesive as I researched and found alot of pros for spray adhesive. That is the first time I have used that and I kind of got a film look or foggy look between acrylic, picture and acrylic (hope that makes sense). Anyway any suggestions would be appreciated. I just wanted to do a fun, bright, summer album and also with little bits of things they all like. I can't wait to do another one they are fun....I'm now working on some baseball layouts for the boys....maybe I can get those posted this week...thanks again for visiting!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Sunday

Well I'm starting my count down to vacation....boy and do I need it. I have 5 days to work until vacation...As usual I don't really have anything ready but it won't take me long to throw my things in luggage and be off!!! As usual this has been a short weekend and I forgot to included my layout of Bailey in my previous post so I'm going to try and load it today. Thanks to "my girls" for stopping by and complementing my new look...I love comments (DIL Michelle Smith that means you can comment too!!! LOL)) I am going to post photos of my first ever try at an acrylic album for tomorrows post....

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Brady!!

It's hard to believe Brady is 12 yrs old. My DIL Regan said tonight at his party this just does not seem right he is growing up way to fast...I totally agree. They are all growing up so fast. Vannie is the youngest anymore and she is 3 yrs old. We had a very nice time at his party and of course the "big kids" played hard as well. For some strange reason I did my hair and put on makeup (what was I thinking??) of course I was wet in a matter of minutes with my crazy bunch!! Josh and Selenna did a wonderful job on the food and party...Happy Birthday my Bradyman!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Had to Make A New Blog

As my friend Jing Jing so gracefully put previous blog was "cooked"....I don't know what happened but it would not let me receive comments and then after trying to post my 4th of July layout and photos and giving me all kinds of letters I decided to do away with that one and recreate....I hope this one works okay. I'm alittle late with this post but wanted to add a couple of pics and layout that I did for 4th of July. My DIL Shell, grandkids Bailey, Beau, Big Daddy and I went to the the 4th of July celebration at MTSU. We had the best time. The kids played games, had their face painted, the symphony played and a wonderful display of fireworks...what a fun night. I'm gonna include a couple of pics of that and a layout that I made of Bailey with her face painted...I'm so excited about having my boring blog back.....