Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy "Hump Day"

Wednesday...I'm countin' em down, Lord knows I am to old to wish my life away but I do love weekends!!! LOL..I have been to two classes this week and have had a ball.  Don't know when I have laughed as much as I did last night and I needed it.  Brenda and Allison had a wonderful Heritage class and I'm posting some pictures.  Sorry about the bad colors because the papers are really, really pretty. The title on this one is "The Girl who grew up and Became A Mother"...I used my baby pictures because I don't have any baby pictures of my mom or dad and then I used a picture of both of my boys together. Any of you that really know me know I love old photos.  Mom gave me another "batch" this last weekend that she found...lots of my boys at younger age and some school pictures.  Anyway just a quick post of these pics and hope everyone has a great Wednesday.......

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Need One More Day!!

That is my favorite saying on Sunday night/Monday morning.  Where does the weekend go?  This was a super busy one.  Had to do some stuff for my Mom on Sat. morning and Jamie's baby shower Sat. I watched Britt and Jeremy's 5 little monkey's!!! They give me a run for my money but so very sweet and make me laugh constantly.  They wanted to go visit with Brady and Seth so I loaded up the crew and off the Josh and Selina for some "out in the yard" fun.  They watched Brady and Seth ride dirt bikes and Josh took turns riding them on the 4 wheeler....what a wonderful day....I promised poor Selina who had been cleaning house we would not invade the house!! LOL...Now for the pics I'm posting.  I made Britt a "Welcome Banner" for her classroom using the farm theme.  I used the Animal Kingdom cart. and also Our World...thanks to Lilly for letting me borrow these.  I made my friend Lisa Paces' create paper flowers and shined it up with some glitter letters and then tied it together with some black tulle... oh and the base for these were actually costers from Michaels $$$ bin covered with I believe Cosmo Cricket papers!! I enjoyed making this project so much.  Two classes this week so standby for pictures!!! Have a great week.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Layout of the Month--JULY

Just a quick post and a couple of pictures of my July layout of the month from Sassy Scrapper.  We do a once a month "Layout of the Month"  beginning the first of the year.  It is designed by one of the girls at Sassy and we copy it.  I usually stay pretty close to the sample but, I have been known to put my own spin on it!!! I used some pictures of camping from the 4th of July and also Uncle Dave Macon days here in Murfreesboro.  I am hoping to get some pics made of several of my pages this weekend and also a project that I am working on now.  I have two classes next week so stand by for more pictures!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Needed A New Look

Well as excited as I am about blogging again I needed a new look.  I have always used blogs by LeeLou so I went over to her blog and found this shabby chic look that I liked alot...Let me know what you think....I will tweak it alittle later on and post a project I am working on for Britt's room...okay catch you later on in the week!! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Busy Weekend

What a very busy weekend, but so much fun too!!  I have decided the weekends are just never long enough.  I went out and helped Britt and Jeremy Friday night in the classroom and Josh and Selina came out and helped too....of course I had so much fun listening to the boys pick and play like they were little boys again...I wish I had brought my camera...:)  I have been cutting so many farm animals that my cricut is smoking!! LOL...I cut 5" and 6" animals to use as name tags for their desks and also a sign for her door.  This was all quiet hurried but I'm okay with the way it turned out...The name tags will have each child's name and them laminated and taped on their desk.  I already have lots of ideas rolling around in my mind for the fall!!!  We took Jamie out for her birthday dinner Sat. night and enjoyed she and David.  It won't be long until we will have our 15th grandchild in Oct.  Today we had to drive over to Lewisburg, Roger had a cousin to pass away and we went to the memorial it is always nice to see family but hate it has to be something like that to prompt it...okay I must get ready for bed..have a good week everyone and thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Almost Friday!!

My goal was to post once a week and so far so good!! LOL..This has been a super busy week at work.  I haven't touched a craft this week but I'm gearing up for the weekend. Jeremy's Britt is teaching kindergarten and I'm so excited that she is letting me help her do some decorating in her room.  They painted the room a sunny yellow today and now the fun begins..Lilly and I have been pooling our cricut cart. to see what I can use.  She is using a "farm theme" for the room.  Will that not be just precious??  I will post some of the projects as we finish.  Today I am posting another couple of pages from my heritage  album.  This paticular paper needed to have pictures with old cars and I even found a picture of my mama standing by an old motorcycle.  I asked her who it belonged to and she doesn't remember!!  I actually think she just wanted to pose beside it and didn't really know the owner!! LOL...I am going to post a few random pictures of the grandkids I really need to update and put a slide show on....maybe a weekend project!!! Have a happy Friday the 13th and be careful!! :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Almost A Year Since....

It's been almost a year since I have made a new post on my blog. I must say I have missed my blogging but Facebook has sort of taken the place of my blogging. I am trying very hard to get my crafting mojo back and I figure I need to just jump right on back into it. I have been reading several of my favorite blogs (Colette, Nancy, Jan, Crystial (aka Pinky) and have gotta the "fever" to scrap again. I have been doing a very few classes here and there but am going to try to accomplish more coz I have lots of memories to capture!! I have been working on my Heritage Album because Sassy Scrapper has been doing a once a month heritage class and I've attended when I could. I love, love scrappin' pics of my mama and daddy and all my I'm sharing a couple of pages that we did in the last class that I attended. I think it is a very pretty layout, my skirt did not come out as pretty as Lilly's did but I lost patience at the end (imagine that!!! ) Anyway hopefully I can blog once a week...that is my goal...thanks for stopping by...