Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Mom!!

I don't have any of my latest craft adventures photographed but I wanted to share some pics that we made tonight celebrating Mom's birthday. We went over to Josh's house and had dinner and one of our "photo sessions". Savannah and Josh was our entertainment for the night as they both cut up and hamed it up for the camera. Mom had a wonderful time and that was exactly what we wanted. We missed Brady but of course with it a school night he was at his Mom's. I will try to get some pics up this week sharing my "tear rabbit" class with Ms Brenda @ Sassy's....I had a wonderful time and this is something I've been wanting to try....Happy Birthday Mama and have a good "hump day" everyone!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

April Cricut Class

This month's cricut class was one of my favorites.( I beleive I say that every month!!) As always Ms.Bettye has something unique and fun and this one was no exception. I love all the "boy elements" and when I looked for pics to put on this all I could come up with when Brady was younger was racing pics....I'm sure there are bug pics somewhere in my mass of pictures but I loved these so much and they also incorporated my "big boys" so I couldn't refuse!!! I love all the arrows and layers of this layout...Next month's cricut class is awesome so I better be scouting for pics. Have a great weekend....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

So Blessed

I first must say that I feel so blessed. We had major tornados yes I did say multi tornados that just devestated our town on Friday. We were not hit and all of our children/familes are just fine. Chip and Regan's neighborhood actually looks like a war zone but there house had minimal damage, trees were actually blown down on the house but didn't do major damage. Roger, Chip and some of their church members managed to get them all down with no damage.....My daughter in law Michelle's parents were not so lucky....they have major damage, I have been over at their home all day helping do whatever I can. I don't think that structurally the house will ever stand but they did manage to keep most all of their belongings which is major compared to some of the homes....It just brings tears to your eyes to walk through the neighborhoods and see people who have lost everything...please pray for the people of Murfreesboro Tennessee because there are so many people that lost everything.Okay now own to more of my "Lisa Pace class projects". The little basket that I'm posting is made of a peat pot. I painted the raw peat pot and then painted the pink dots. After that dried I covered with Mod Podge and sprinkled with a heavy glitter...then using silver pipe cleaners and hot glue gun I added a little sparkle....The next project is a large paper maache egg. It is not the proper egg that Lisa used in the class lesson but it worked okay. I actually took a knife and cute it down the center....I then painted the egg and mod poged it and added the glitter. These were fun projects to do. I have finished my last two just need to get them photographed....Happy Easter tomorrow everyone......

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Projects

Well I have been trying to post for two days and for reasons unknown I could not. I'm beginning to believe the gremlin that lives in my computer at work has moved home with me!!! Anyway I am posting a few cards today that I did for Lisa Pace's Hippity Hop Workshop. I had so much fun with this class and have completed all the projects except two that I plan to finish today. We did several cards that could actually be used other than Easter. One of the girls posted her sheep/lamb card as a "thinking of EWE" card which I though was really cute so I'll make a few extras of those up. Of course I always send Mom, Ms.Smith and Roger's sweet 90 yr old aunt cards coz they like to get them!!! hehe. If blogger will allow me I will post some project pics tomorrow. I am really hoping to post a step by step tutorial on the create paper flowers that I made because I love the effect it gives to pages, frames or just about anything. Happy Friday everyone....

Monday, April 6, 2009

What did we do before internet??????

Golly my internet and TV has been down for 5 days, what did we do before we had it? Roger and I have said that a dozen times in the past few days. I've missed my blog friends, my fiskateer buddies, my facebook friends/family I'm just plain spoiled and a slave to my laptop!!!LOL...Since I haven't uploaded any of my pics of my projects that I've completed for Lisa Pace's Easter class I will share some pics that I made of the "grands" this weekend....Jeremy took the girls to "Mule Day" in Columbia Tennessee and they had a ball...need to get some of those pics to scrap!!!! I have my Cricut class this week and also a class on "tear rabbits!!" using mulberry paper. I have seen "tear bears" forever and have wanted to learn to make them so much to my surprise and delight Brenda's layout of the month was a "tear rabbit" layout...I'll be sure to post that one when I complete....Well I'm so happy to be back in the cyber world once again....Have a great Tuesday everyone.....