Monday, January 19, 2009

Back to Reality!!!!

Well after a wonderful week in South Florida, Roger and I are back in the 'Boro. The campground we stayed in was so very nice and the Island that we were on (Pine Island) was beautiful and very slow paced. It was as the camp "social" director told me "Old Florida". Everyone road their bikes with wonderful bike trails everywhere and flowers blooming and they even mowed the grass while we were there. It's a nice change of pace believe me!! Roger for the 1st time that I can ever, ever remember was not ready to come back home. Chubba did wonderful and is a good traveler and camper!! I came home to 2 wonderful packages from Valerie and Laura from a couple of ATC swaps. I'm ready to get back in crafting mode. I have a couple of swaps I have to get busy on and of course several pics to scrap from the trip...okay I'm rambling as its time to go to bed. Later!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Toy

I must show you my new toy. My sweet mother in law gave me some Christmas money and I've been looking at these and doing my usual research on things and this is what I purchased. It is a HP photo printer. I love, love it. It is so small I can carry it anywhere. It will make 5x7 or 4x6. It also has a built in touch screen with lots of options to size, add clip art, make greeting cards, borders and it is very user friendly. I didn't want to get something that was so hard to figure out that I couldn't understand it. I looked at a Canon at our Fiskafrenzy (the rep was at our crop) and I liked that printer but actually this one does more and is a bit easier to use. Okay enough about my toy!! Roger and I leave for South Florida with the camper in the morning. I'm really excited as I've never actually been to this part of Flordia and I'm looking forward to the "warm" weather....The campground is suppose to have wi-fi so I'll try to upload some pics of where we are staying...see ya later!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Monday!!!

Hey blogging 2 days in a 'bout that. I finished up a couple of Christmas layouts and wanted to post. Somehow I managed to miss fall ball, Halloween, thanksgiving....LOL..oh well I'll pick them back up. Since I purchased my new toy that I love, love (I'll share tomorrow and make it 3 days in a row!!) I'm hoping to get more accomplished. Okay I'm gonna run and check out some of my favorite blogs....have a good Tuesday everyone!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Acrylic Album

Finally made a few pics of projects I've been doing...the pictures are not real great because it was cloudy and rainy when I made them this evening. I did alot of sewing on the pages for the album and most of the pics are from the grandkids opening gifts on Christmas at our house. I love these little mini books and this one had lots of elements. I will put up a couple of pics and tomorrow another project...Have a good week everyone!!!