Saturday, September 25, 2010

Apple Of My Eye

Happy Saturday.  I promised Lilly I would load our layout of the month and of course I had forgotten to until I saw it in my scraproom this morning....sorry Lilly!! This is our September layout of the month at our LSS and Amy did an awesome job on the of the cutest ever...I didn't do mine exactly like hers but generally all elements are the same.  Cricut cart. used were Doodlecharms for the basket..Campout for the frames...Plantin Schoolbooks for the font and also the apples.  I love apples on a layout.  I didn't not use crackle paint on my letters as I didn't have any in the color I needed so I need to add that too my stash!! (imagine that!! :))  I hope to get some Halloween/Fall decorating done this weekend but who laid plans and all of that!! haha
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stoppin' by!! :)


BabyBokChoy said...

Holy bucket cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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